Mapping overview

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Goal - get the segment of a map with the datalayers

Use QGIS - data on my machine

Get map data - reliable in US

  • essentially, get "shape files" to go over "map layers"
    • grab a static set of map data from or
  • or get parts of the data;
    • point, area, attributes (describes places to get part of the data)
  • - for city councillor districts


  • bring in the GIS shape file
  • bring in a map tile or the map layers as needed
  • bring in layers as needed
  • bring in a CSV/XLS with the x and y coordinates

Use an online service - format the data to visualize stuff

  1. leaflet (javascriptlibrary) - can create popups, open source, well documented
  2. Use cartodb, can do things over time, show translations vover decade
  3. - data collection to add to open streetmaps for humanitarian disaster response