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Projects listed on this wiki are held by the wider community, and are listed here only for reference. Our goal is that they be worked on and owned in a distributed and communal way, and are thus Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. All projects should be seen as open to feedback and as continual works in progress. Questions, comments, suggestions, etc can be sent to


Each extreme event is different, with coordination across many different organizations, timezones, politics, etc. The connectivity is different, the devices people have at hand are different, and the level of chaos is different. Some deployments need file transfer in a communication channel, others prioritize the ability to have voice checkins, and some need to be able to viewed in 4 different languages. All need to be stable, and all need to be tried in advance of when failure would be detrimental.


By cataloging and testing a wide variety of communication tools in advance of a deployment, we come to understand what each is capable of and our own comfort in using them. By logging this knowledge, we can create a menu (or matrix) of potential tools for fast selection and setup when things are stressful.

Current status

  • Our user stories/needs analysis is slowly being filled in here.
Tools we've used and/or researched can be found on the second tab.
  • We are currently testing one different tool per checkin call

We look forward to your suggestions of what to try, or feedback on how using these tools has gone for you!