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It's MONTH, and it seemed like as good a time as any to have the next white-label digital responder call-in.

These call-ins / check-ins are at their most basic a way to strengthen the connections across response organizations (traditional, digital, and otherwise), individuals, and projects. Some calls are focused or topical, but are always meant as open spaces for cross-sector and -organizational collaboration. Defined organizations, networks, and other ways of delineating and focusing response are absolutely necessary, but so too is a space external to that for emergent possibilities. The focus of this month will be TOPIC.

Please fill in THIS_DOODLE by DATE (usually today+4 business days). An invite will then go out. You can find a link to the collaboratively-made agenda here: LINK_TO_WIKI_PAGE, along with links to previous call notes.

As always, you are welcome to invite others to this call if you think it would be beneficial to the group or to them. Please point them to the wiki page for easy access to all current information.

Thanks, and looking forward to chatting soon!