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Projects listed on this wiki are held by the wider community, and are listed here only for reference. Our goal is that they be worked on and owned in a distributed and communal way, and are thus Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. All projects should be seen as open to feedback and as continual works in progress. Questions, comments, suggestions, etc can be sent to


The Digital response ecosystem map is a great resource, but pulling up the backend each time you stumble across a new project or resource which should be included in it is cumbersome. Brent made these two bookmarklets which make it easy to add tools and resources to our Digital response ecosystem map.


You can add them to your browser by clicking "bookmarks" > "add bookmark" > add to bookmarks bar > pasting the following as the name and URL.

Add Tools Bookmarklet

Name: Add this as a Tool to Digital Response Ecosystem Map

URL: javascript:(function(){f=""+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+"&prefill_Demo or Website URL="+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);a=function(){if(!,"mightchange","location=yes,links=no,scrollbars=no,toolbar=no,width=450,height=650")){location.href=f}};if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)){setTimeout(a,0)}else{a()}})();

Add Resources Bookmarklet

Name: Add this as a Resource to Digital Response Ecosystem Map

URL: javascript:(function(){f=""+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+"&prefill_Link="+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);a=function(){if(!,"mightchange","location=yes,links=no,scrollbars=no,toolbar=no,width=450,height=650")){location.href=f}};if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)){setTimeout(a,0)}else{a()}})();