2016 HumTechFest I will We should Don't forget

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I Will

Kept in confidence with the attendees!

We should

  • play more games
  • share contact info of willing people here
  • celebrate the work we do more often
  • self care
  • integrate these events into a network facilitation project
  • invite more people who aren't usually invited/open the circle
  • actively bridge the civic tech divide
  • have a low stakes nyc meetup
  • have a listserv to share resources
  • set up events that allow some sort of remote participation
  • mentor and post resources
  • keep having these conversations
  • improve and connect and mentor young leaders
  • shove that impostor syndrome deep down
  • be persistent in involvement
  • widen the circle from the usual suspects
  • have opportunities to be social without the context of our shared work
  • find concrete ways to collaborative more forward the ideas discussed today
  • do the aspiration grid thing for session hacking
  • be optimistic and work for improving partnerships between actors and humanitarians work - this includes governments and un
  • create an online space for sharing info/questions/needs
  • test an assumption with an experiment
  • add fighting burnout as a mission

Don't Forget

  • 6h minimum or more hours rest
  • to take care of yourself
  • don't forget to focus and laugh
  • remote events could be helpful in a meta/dog-food kinda way
  • you are not alone in this
  • thanks and acknowledge people ion their gifts and contributions
  • to get some non screen/analog time
  • we're all just people human bodies
  • smile and have fun
  • get students involved and offer dissertation projects
  • connect people on a regular basis who could benefit from each others work
  • the power of informal socialization
  • dont forget who isn't here
  • clumbsy progress is still progress
  • cold brew ice coffee is a thing
  • continue to let sane meal habits hold space
  • find ways to work across disciplines