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  • map. Documentation of who is in this space. What people, organizations, institutions that have tried to document this before. What has failed? What could this l ...anizations]]''': Why would you even want to? Problems of management within institutions, bureaucracy, sherpa like roles to help folk from outside play with them. D
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  • It's people, not necessarily institutional support. But the institutions had to make space for it.
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  • ...siness model instead of pilot projects that fizzle out. How do you connect institutions to exist. A state within Germany is helping a region of Iraq with infrastru The large institutions fear change so much, how do we keep the institutions from destroying the people who some of us want to come in and make things b
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  • Q: How do we get more people to help who are already in the institutions? They house the resources. The large institutions have mandates and resources. This presents a '''challenge''' for playing ni
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