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Digital humanitarian and disaster response is an emerging field where we have a chance to apply our social justice brains and hearts. Doing so opens new opportunities to close technology capacity and socioeconomic gaps. By being strategic and collaborative in our involvement in this space, we can address both short-term needs and long-standing issues.

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For a long time, it wasn't possible to include everyone's voice in planning or decision making without investing unfeasible amounts of time. There was no way to listen, at scale. Aggregation and centralization made some small sense, especially in times of urgency, even with the systemic troubles these tend to cause. We now have new communication, coordination, and parsing technologies. We have the ability to listen, in high resolution and in high fidelity. But technology isn't a silver bullet -- we also need the political will, and the personal values to make that happen. We have a great deal of historical momentum to overcome in order to make these shifts to inclusion and empowerment. With Aspiration's new digital humanitarian response program, we get to support some of the people and organizations willing and able to make these changes.

This wiki is a place to hold notes from events and checkin calls, as well as specs for communally-held projects.

We welcome your feedback, contributions, and questions.