2015 Sept 23

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Sept 23rd at 11a EDT
We'll try out meet.jit.si -- you'll need Chrome, Firefox, or Opera installed to use the associated WebRTC


30 seconds each : 15 minutes tops total : if you just spoke, take notes for the person who speaks after you.

  • Willow
  • Marie Irvine - Sarapis/Sahana
  • Roxanne - public health, Ebola coordinator
  • John: PhD fellow with Leiden University. PhD topic: Distributed crisis information management networks, will be working with UN OCHA & DHN in Geneva OCt-Dec.
  • Jennie: Resiliance in networks, working with DHN in Geneva.
  • Heather :idea hacker, community builder - Qatar Computing Research Institute Social Innovation, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team,
  • Peter : code, product design, ux strategy. Here to lurk, and start to get a sense for where I might best fit in. -> Peter, whats your contact info? (Marie, marie@sarapis.org) rainhead@gmail.com. peterabrahamsen on Skype.
  • Scotty - JIFX (Joint Interagency Field Experimentation / Camp Roberts /
  • jen ziemke, just listening : data for perceptualization (sound!) (Jen, you and I need to talk. That's what I'm working also) - My concept paper is outdated, but you can request it) My current focus is to look at using machine learning tied with biometric and environmental sensors to feed a "perceptual modulation engine" to reduce overall stress levels in a Human-AI-Human team. I want to incorporate sound and tactile/haptic with visual in this system. Focusing on stresss right now because it allows the use of currently obtainable/observable data. The next phase of this would be for intentionality interpretation by the AI to get away from the standard I/O (KVM) that is in use now.
Cool,sounds great is this Scotty? yes (jz)
  • Chinmayisk - coder , community building - RHok India , The Bachchao Project
  • Per - SBTF - just finishing deployment for Internews on refugee crisis information (Sorry to have missed the call - was commuting. please connect for any info at per@standbytaskforce.com)

Revisit last round's collaboration list


  • 2W doc - Simon and Willow : moving forward. will share forward soon.
  • Aggregator/ResilienceCoLab - Devin and Marie
    • ResilienceCoLab = Aggregator for existing tech tools, trainings & topics (ex: digital response) . If interested in joining, please contact Marie: marie@sarapis.org
  • Digital Humanitarian Handbook (heather and willow)
    • http://textontechs.com/2015/09/how-to-a-digital-humanitarian-handbook/ (Please share widely)
    • NEED - review the contents, what are the gaps
    • NEED - collaborators to join Slack channel
    • the TOC was built for my work in Qatar, so it needs to be remixed. Edits welcome.
    • plan - build out the TOC, invite editors to edit. user test with community, iterate.
    • all to be built on Github. Dream - communities in topics and countries fork it, edit is, add chapters,use cases or appendix.
    • I will ask the government reps at the next JIFX to review and comment on the current draft regarding how gov't non-gov't digital responders can work together better.
    • Chinmayi : would love to help with this . Also would like to use this for a gender hackathon in India during early 2016
    • Marie: Happy to contribute! :)
  • Devin, it would be great to talk with you and Jen Ziemke about the crisismappers website. maybe sometime early next week? This is Marie, I'm happy to discuss website (marie@sarapis.org)



Sahana (Marie, marie@sahanafoundation.org)

  • Getting requests for Sahana from groups accross Europe
  • Working with POCs in concerned locations to determine needs and where Sahana would be applicable
  • Looking into parntnership w/ IBM for a SahanaCamp

Sahana: Recieving request regarding the refugee crisis -

March 2016 JIFX in Oakland

Time to come together to experiment with Looking to coordinate multiple experiments in the context of a spoofed disaster in Oakland. Helping the evacuating population stay in contact with responders and families. This is what we're doing at JIFX in March Contact : Scotty grscott@nps.edu or nps.edu/fx My (Scotty) intent here is to leverage government dollars to help both the formal and informal/unofficial sides of disaster response. Along the lines of Helen's work, I've notice growing distrust between the communities following SS Sandy, not less as we were striving for in FEMA's Innovation Team that several of us worked on. The thought for this event is that we can let the already robust grassroots groups in Oakland do some of their own, particularly mesh networking experiments using some gov't resources to let them explore how to connect with and through government comms while maintaining the information security they require to be effective. The is benificial to both sides as we need to demonstrate within the government that we can do these types of activities WITHOUT engaging in "collection." For obvious reasons we would like to have limited "official" contact with the grassroots group, so I'm looking for someone interested enough in this topic (and hopefully local to Oakland with connections) to be the intermediary with the grassroots groups. I don't know that I can help you, but that is fascinating. --Peter

Shared Comms Code of Conduct

Willow representing for Helen. As we open up more and more comms channels; we have (potential) growing issues with trust and intentions. How to we start to ensure that everyone on a channel is working under the neutrality principle of humanitarianism? +1 from Scotty, would love to help with this. Happy to help -- Peter. Maybe we could each say a little about ourselves and our projects on these pads ahead of the meeting?

Earthquake Coordinated Data Scramble

Also the Earthquakes Coordinated Data Scramble is progressing - we have one team working on identifying key datasets that are needed, and another working on tools for 'socializing the data' during emergencies - i'm happy to add anyone into either/both groups. Contact is Helen. Would be great to bring this into the March JIFX in Oakland also.

Reflections on platform (meet.jit.si)

  • tool did not work for Heather - no sound,with intermittent internet it just cuts and has no latency. normally there is a freeze or choppy with some digital tools. this might not be robust for global locations. Or it might just not work in mena well. Happy to pretest all tools next time before the meeting. i opted out of video which might have been a factor.
  • works well on my side in Cleveland Ohio, thanks for organizing this it is amazing :) i like learning about new tools like these pads, and new methods for taking notes , very nice
  • Usually works well on chrome and firefox nightly but sometimes there is no audio for certain participants. But the good part is collaborative tools on it. I could not hear or type in todays call though.
  • As we explore other options, I would a bit more effort to inform the channels that are already established, like the Skype channels, especially during testing, fragmentation of communications can be an issue and we need to try and make sure people are not being left out.
  • I didn't have trouble with jitsi, but what was the trouble with Skype? Doesn't allow more than 9 people on a call now. Oh, that does seem fatal.

Using other platforms

User stories and platform listing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TiYcUi0WxtMxs7ceqECUucGdQa4qXqRxJNdk5fL_as0/edit