2015 Nov 27

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Call took place Friday, November 27th at 11a East Coast US time
Call platform : http://marieirvine.enterthemeeting.com/m/X6X88R74

Overview of how the call will work

  • Agenda (intros of up to 30 seconds about you and your group, then longer updates on deployments and organizational statuses, then wrap-up)
  • Note taking (we all take notes for each other)
  • Time keeping (if you go over, you will first be poked via chat, and then verbally interrupted)

Introductions (Who's here?)

30 seconds each : 15 minutes tops total : if you just spoke, take notes for the person who speaks after you.

Present and Vocal

  • Marie Irvine, Sarapis/Sahana
  • Heather Leson, HOT, Peacegeeks, QCRI
    • Running the second ever digital humanitarian workshop in qatar on sunday all about maps with the qatar red crescent and mapbox
  • Willow Brugh, Aspiration
  • Jennie Phillips, Researcher Citizen Lab, UN OCHA
  • Jerry Scott (Scotty), Camp Roberts (Naval Postgraduate School)
  • Per Aarvik, SBTF, About to deploy for the refugee situation
  • Katja Ulbert, HOT and Sahana volunteer
  • Matthew Battles, metaLAB/Berkman Center.
    • Studying/making around archives & memory of disaster & crisis response.
  • Roxanne Moore, OCHA/DHN Foundation
  • Devin, Sarapis, Sahana
  • Chinmayi SK, Random Hacks of Kindness /The Bachchao Project
  • Renee, Peacegeeks

Listening In / Technical Difficulties

  • Spike ex-CrisisCommons, HOT, OSM, singeton

Review of Last Call's Collaboration Set Link to last call's notes.

We'd love to hear about progress on projects in the digital response space, especially if it involves two or more organizations represented on this call.

Code of Conduct

  • Contact: Willow and Helen
  • Overview: Overview humanitarian communications focusing upon neutrality. How can we ensure that we are being clear in expectations. Currently, single document specialized to the Refugee crisis. Working on turning this document into a template that can be applied to future crises.
    • Data responsibility too? Focused on communication and coordination channels. Channel agnostic, but focused on coordination and collaboration.
  • Need: Requesting feedback on Code of Conduct (to be shared in one week)
  • Feedback from group (please leave your contact somehow so folk can follow up with you, but know these notes end up in a public place).
    • Interested in including data standardization as well - Marie
    • I would be interested to review and contribute - Chinmayi
    • Willow also needs to send to John

Humanitarian Services Data Standards Project

Working with HDX + HXL as a topper for spreadsheets for resources. How nonprofits and NGOs provide services. Will be able to post in a few days to the list! Hashtag services (HXL). If interested, ping Devin and Marie about being added to calls and documents.

Coordinated Data Scramble

Outlined different sorts of data, but saw it as overwhelming. Needed to restructure how we approach things. December 1 we'll be getting together around suggetsions on how to improve checkmarks. Missing this data / have this data, plus who's working on what.

Map Review

Working in partnership with our UNITAR collegues who have developed a clicker system (?) in hopes we can leverage a lot of people to tag maps. Not sure where things are at.

  • Contact: Helen!

New Project and Deployment Overviews

What is new, that hasn't been gone over yet?

Resilience CoLab

Group of volunteers, no one owns it. Space to talk about what's going on, topics, news, tools. Moving project, all maintaining it from separate angles. What is useful? Not intended to replace anything, but rather to fill gaps. Noticed there was no list of tools, little coordination between tools and tech providers. Want it to be as low-maintainence as possible. This is as automatic as possible -- automatic population, RSS, iframes, etc. Focus on FLOSS (free, libre, open source software)

  • News function:
    • call for curators;
    • curators choose relevant rss feeds
    • Add your favorite news feeds!
  • Add tools
  • Add trainings
  • Badging to come
  • Add topics
    • Way of aggregating a bunch of related tools, projects, and discussions for that topic.
  • Calendar: invite info@resiliencecolab.org to add to the group calendar
  • Contact: marie@sarapis.org
  • Need: people wanting to join the RCL community. We need content curators, trainers and topic managers. For more information and what needs to get done, Please join: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/resiliencecolab

Witness Engines/Crisis Archiving

A project to understand documentation and archiving in crises and disasters, with the goal of furnishing a tool that serves present needs while ensuring the transmission of the past to future generations. Social media, archival media, etc. Thinking about how data, media, etc are generated by crises of various sorts. How is memory constructed? Are there tools we can build to help with creating those memories? INterested to follow up with folk on data responsibility, standards, how RCL is helping the conversation.

  • contact: matthew@metalab.harvard.edu
  • Need: informants/collaborators to help us understand data needs & practices
  • need: feedback on proposal for Knight funding to prototype a tool; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1054YvH7t0TfvuLPaSzx6NROE4bHKPk9PT48rW1cY3zw/edit
  • question - are you working with the OSM Foundation Japan community? they have more data - Heather
  • would be interested to understand the Gendered Aspects and the issues that communities face through these archives - Chinmayi

Heather - Harvard Humanitarian Iniative Data and Tech event (report up)

Dec 9 - 11th

  • Contact: Heather

HHI is hosting a data and tech event. Is anyone else going? Will Crowley be there? Tina, Bartel, etc. I created a list of ideas on what is next in tech for QCRI, but I really want to represent this group too as you are essential. Would it be productive to collectively brainstorm on a document? I can do so.

This working meeting, organized by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI), will convene 35-40 experts and technologists from international NGOs, from UN agencies, and from other sectors to explore the needs, and the use of technology, in humanitarian response. The outcome of this meeting will be a set of recommendations for future responses, based on an after-action review for the most important recent sudden onset disasters, including the Nepal 2015 Earthquake. We will highlight the findings of the group concerning organizational technology adaptation and implementation, data collection methods, and data integration for decision-making in the field. From there, we will develop recommendations and key elements of a research agenda on the use of technology for humanitarian emergencies.

  • Component on data resilience

Boston dec. 9 - 13th - would be happy to visit with bostonians ? Matthew? (Matthew replies) Heather emails : ) Action - heather will send a document to you guys and share : ) Thanks so much!

JIFX 16-2

Feb 9-12, 2016 | Alameda, CA

  • Quick summary: Tech Experimention venue funded by DoD, Anyone can apply for Participation/Experimentation

Military funds an experimentation venue, open to all. We focus on HA/DR tools (like MapMill used post-Sandy). Can fly UAVs as needed, access to a pier and a ship etc. Participate for free, but we can't cover travel etc. February will focus on humanitarian response situation, medical devices, commercial submarine and ??. Support ships.

  • Contact: Scotty // jifx@nps.edu / http://my.nps.edu/web/fx/participate | jerryscott@gmail.com
  • Need: non-profit, grassroots and activists
  • Need: Heather will connect with HOT ED, Marie going to connect as well.

Secure Web Intrgration Framework

Web widget framework supports ganular security labeling of data allowing data owners control who has access to what data. How data is shared across teams when they can't share all of their data. Now open source! Github link! Also happening in the joint experiments.

Digital summit

Quick summary Try to coordinate a community event around the world humanitarian summit or in the spring

  • Contact: heatherleson AT gmail dot com
  • Need: to finally work on the documents that willow and I are working on to share back with you by Dec 15th pending edits
  • Need: also thinking about the HumTech event in boston too. The one we had last year? yes - would it be more appropriate tie-in?

Sahana Eden supply and volunteer management database - MedCrisis

Quick summary: support grassroots organisations active in Refugee Crisis in the EU.

  • Contact: katja.ulbert@gmail.com (HOT)
  • Need: assistance in communication with organisations
  • Need: support with data entering, management, data entering and datamining. Most grassroots orgas don't see value in entering data themselves. Wants someone to work on it with her.
    • Started giving out the Sahana template, because it's easier for the producers of the data to put it in standardized, rather than us sorting it out later.
    • Interesting cross-orga data responsibility.
    • Working on cleaning up data, want to share it back out.
    • If people are interested in using Facebook for MedCrisis, please let us know.
    • The data is only valid for a few days when it comes to supply and donation needs. But still a big challenge. Needed shoes and now don't need the shoes. Connect people more horizontally and directly


  • Contact: Chinmayi

RHoK and The Bachchao Project. Upcoming RHoK in December will have a few sites running the hackathon. If you have challenges or suggestions on what to work on, glad to send that out to participants. rhok.cc - global@rhok.cc


Anyone want to take on an organizer, facilitator, or troubleshooter? Hooray! Let's distribute the power and responsibility outwards.

Notes will be posted to digitalresponse.aspirationtech.org tomorrow, please edit things to be appropriate for public consumption by then.

Reflections on platform and process

Participants can have a running assessment of the platform and process in this area of the notes. Rough start (no more rough than anything else), but only one person didn't have a solid enough connection to be heard. International crowd, headcount: 11. Screenshare worked.